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         27.04 Bruchsal - Jazzclub Bruchsal with "Captured Moments"      

April 2024 a short video from my concert in Bruchsal to be found here

November 2023 - A solo discovered in my archive from a concert in the Alte Schlachthaus in Sigmaringen, Germany in 1988 to be found here as well as a solo recorded in Ferme Asile in Sion, Switzerland in 2005 to be found here

November 2022 - My solo in a concert from "Four or more Flutes " in the Vorarlberg Museum in  Austria to be found here.

July 2018 - Played with my flute quintet "Four or more Flutes" a special concert named "Back to the Flutes" in the Hohlenstein-Stadel cave celebrating the anniversary of the  Unesco World Culture Heritage award. Here the oldest music instrument was discovered, a 40,000 year old flute made from the bone of a  wing from a swan.

October 2017 -  two new Videos from "Captured Moments" in Youtube "Clouds over Touny" and "Canal du Midi".

June 2017 - "Charles Davis & 1/2 Captured Moments" . Steffen's flight from Polen was delayed so that Sven and I played for the first time as a duo in our concert for the Christian Wagner Gesellschaft in Leonberg.  Two pieces that  are worthwhile listening to are "Canal di Midi" and "Men on the Roof".

January 2016 - In the magazine Jazzpodium  is a review published about the  CD "Nexxt".

January 2016
- Interview mit der Straubinger Tagblatt

December 2015
-The new live CD "Nexxt"  is now out (4 tracks from the CD can be heard under "audio") and can be ordered by e-mail for 15 €, inclusive post and package (for  Germany only), for the e-mail adresse see "contact".

November 2015 - An new video from "Ensemble Chanchala is on youtube

January 2015 -  Interview  with Saarländischer Radio "Musikwelt"

Dezember 2014
- a new composition "Clouds over Touny" recorded live in the "Alten Schlachthof" Sigmaringen in  November 2014 can also be heard under "Audio".

November 2014 - 3 new live recordings from "Four or more Flutes"  from their concert in the Alte Kirche Romanshorn, Switzerland can be hear by "Klangreich"

The new live CD "Ragastan" from Duo Bubachala

The new live CD "Ragastan"  is now out (1 track from the CD can be heard under "audio") and can be ordered by e-mail for 15 €, inclusive post and package (for  Germany only), for the e-mail adresse see "contact".

"The mood of this superb CD truely reflects the soul of our country. This CD deserves a gold medal in the olympics of music" - The Ragastani Times

The new live CD

The new live CD "Pathways"  is now out (4 tracks from the CD can be heard under "audio") and can be ordered by e-mail for 15 €, inclusive post and package (for  Germany only), for the e-mail adresse see "contact".

Other CDs that are still available are:

Four or more Flutes - "Fluturistic", "Back to the Flutes und "Influtenza".
Ensemble Chanchala - "The Day the Swallows Came" u.  "Spirit of the House".
Duo Bubachala - "Lines".

For the same conditions as "Pathways".

The newest CD review from "Pathways" you can find under jazzapges.com or click here

Rolf Thomas in the Jazzthetik from November 2008 to "Pathways"

"In the piece 'Blues for Saliba" Charles Davis really flips out; the wild overblowing on the flute, an earthy walking bass line from Steffen Hollenweger and Sven Götz's filigree sound on the acoustic guitar, create an impressive wild musical voyage."

Klaus Mümpfer in the Jazzpodium from December  2008 to "Pathways"

"The flutist's playing is as distinctive as his compostions, and in spite of  all these years of  playing, still keeps one enchanted."

Gerd Filtgen in Image HiFi from January 2009 to "Pathways" 

"One needs a magnifying glass to find such conceptional high quality of improvising music for the flute. In the last 50 years the standards set by Eric Dolphy, Jeremy Steig and James Newton are hard to surpass, an exception to this is Charles Davis."

July 2013 - 4 new mp3s from Captured Moments" recorded live in the Schloßkeller Marbach can be found by clicking "Audio".

 July 2012 - a new video from "Duo Bubachala in the Palmenhaus Constance is to be found in Youtube.

June 2012 - a  video from  "Duo Bubachala" with Sankar Chwodhury is to be found in Youtube .

February 2012 - 3 new videos von "Captured Moments",  3 new videos from "Four or more Flutes" and 1 new video von  "Indische Märchenwelt - Orientalische Klänge"  can be found by clicking  "Video". 

November  2011 - 2 new Videos from "Four or more Flutes" in You Tube, can be found by clicking  "Video".

October 2010 - Another track from  "Four or more Flutes" from our concert in the baroque hall  of the cloister Bernried in Germany, playing my composition ."Lights in the City"

August 2010 - A sound sample of a Alap (Intro)  from Ensemble Chanchala Live in Schloss Hartmannsberg Bad Endsdorf - Raga- Pilu

Juli 2010 - in the internet  HiFi journal "Hifi Statement" one can download a track from "Four or more Flutes" from our concert in the baroque hall  of the cloister Bernried in Germany.

Juni 2010 - 3 videos from a concert from Captured Moments in the Jazz Studio Nürnberg are now in You Tube  can instantly  be found by clicking  "Video".

Mai 2010 - in the 2nd edition of "Il flauto e il jazz" (the flute in jazz) from Stafano Benini, published by Edizioni Curci is an article about me.

July 2009 -  for the newest  sound sample from Ensemble Chanchala live in the St. Agatha Chapel in Schopfheim Germany with Sankar Chowdhury where we played Raga Jhinjhoti

For the newest sound sample from Duo Bubachala look at "Audio", where we played with Sankar Chowdhury and Peter Krämer at the "Raga against the Machine Festival".

At the request of the promoter of the Jazz Festival Bad Wildungen 2008 we played in Duo Bubachala two pieces with the guitar player Susan Weinert with her husband Martin on bass  - a memorable musical experience! - have a look at "Audio" for the mp3

A fan recently  brought to my notice an entry  about me in the rororo Jazz Lexikon - wonders do happen!

The newest CD from Four or more Flutes “Fluturistic” received the award as the “CD of the Month” from the German music magazine “Stereo”

Reviews about the new Ensemble Chanchala CD
"The Day the Swallows Came"

Klaus Mümpfer in the Jazzpodium from Februar 2007.

"The Day the Swallows Came"  fascinates with a meditative melodical and rhythmical quality  of an incredible  intensity. It is a music which totally absorbs the listener."

Walter Bast in Folker  March 2007.

"The musical concept of Ensemble Chanchala is the most convincing that I have heard in the last thirty years   to the topic  "Jazz meets India". Congratulations!"

Rolf Thomas in Jazzthetik  May 2007.

"Many of the new pieces are based on classical Indian ragas and allow place for Davis' stupendous ablitiy to assimilate foreign musical cultures and fill them with life."



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